Precise Travel Services

Precise Travel Services offer many features that customers receive from Precise Travel.  Here are some:

Preferred Vendor Service

The Internet opens the world to travel scams and false advertising.  Precise Travel carefully selects its vendors for your travel.  You expect your travel investment to be fulfilled and our agents carefully screen vendors to help assure you that what you pay for will be realized.,

Travel Insurance Service

Our agents recommend travel insurance when you book a vacation.  This protects you from trip irregularities and helps cover any unexpected medical costs.  Its not expensive when you consider the total cost of your travel investment.

Group Travel Service

The logistics of traveling with a group is complicated and requires coordination over and above what is required for single or couple travel.  Precise Travel is experienced with this type of travel and can handle groups from three to one-hundred. 

Vacation Research Service

Friends and family often recommend a hotel or destination based on their experience.  Precise Travel researches your needs and determines if the same environment is still present.  Often, a hotel that was great last year may be under-renovation or a newer resort was built next door that is a better value this year.

Vacation Booking Service

Agents make reservations everyday for vacation parties.  There are a lot of details for each booking.  Errors are easy to make. Dates can be wrong. Names can be misspelled. Birth dates can be omitted. Precise Travel believes that transparency and communication are vital in this process and you are fully informed on the details.

Wedding Couple Service

Our Wedding consultants work daily with couples, family or entire destination wedding groups to smooth out the obstacles from making a honeymoon choice to completing the vacation reservation details.  We help select the wedding coordinator to finding the best resort and destination.  Weddings are stressful enough without worrying about the vacation component.

Wedding Page Service

For destination weddings, we build a web page that informs the wedding party of the details of the destination wedding and helps inform and builds the enthusiasm for the vacation.

Passport and Visa Recommendation Service

Our continuing education on visas and passports are used to successfully maintain recommendations for obtaining both.  Precise Travel can educate you on the steps required to satisfy both.

Travel Feedback Service

Our travelers are our eyes and ears about a destination.  We cannot be everywhere, but we can learn about the good and the bad for each location from our travelers.

Continuing Education and Travel Service

Our agents continue to receive daily updates on destinations, vendors, and resorts, Often during the month, agents attend daytime or evening seminars to continue to grow as experts. We also attend webinars and take vendor certification courses to improve our knowledge Several times a year, agents participate in destination training on-site in the various countries or cities that are most popular to you.  We can’t be everywhere, but we try to learn more everyday.