Family Vacations

Family Vacations are a Must

“Fun” in the US

“Fun” in the US

“Fun” Internationally


The Disney family are the number one choice for all ages in the United States.  In Florida, there is DisneyWorld and in California there is Disneyland.  Don’t forget about the Aulani Resort in Hawaii or a Disney cruise.

My favorite is the Disney Adventure Tours where you have a guide and a driver to show you the United States the Disney way. In the spring, we recommend Scottsdale, Arizona to watch the Rockies in spring training.  And for that weekend getaway, try San Diego.  Seaworld is big as well as Lego Land.


The All Inclusive Resort was designed for the family.  You know your budget before you leave.  Food and drinks are included at your beach resort in Mexico or the Caribbean.

For Europe and Great Britain, nothing is more fun to your children than an escorted tour where they get to have an adventure and see the places they are studying in school

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