The Caribbean

The Caribbean Overview


Map of the Caribbean islands

Who can resist the allure of the Caribbean? Known for its clear aquamarine waters and sugary white beaches, these islands are an amazing travel destination. Choose from Aruba, St. Martin, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and St. Lucia, and these are only just a few of the options. However, each island has a personality all its own, and when you’re planning the perfect getaway, it can sometimes be hard to navigate the choices.

Happy beautiful family of four outdoor summer portrait

Happy beautiful family of four outdoor summer portrait

When you’re traveling to the Caribbean, first consider how far do you want to go? A few of the islands that don’t require a passport and you can fly to directly from the U.S. or Canada, making travel easy, quick and convenient. Some of the other islands may not have as many direct flights, might require a transfer, and may be more challenging to get to. Distance may be a consideration if you’re short on time and looking for a quick getaway.

The next consideration should be what type of activities and amenities are you looking for? For example, the Cayman Islands may be a great choice for families or travelers who want an easy and smooth getaway. It offers nice resorts, great diving and fun activities like swimming with the stingrays. Those who seek more adventure and less tourism may appreciate Dominica. This island boasts unspoiled rainforests and waterfalls that nature lovers, climbers and hikers will enjoy.

Down Deep in St Lucia

Down Deep in St Lucia

If resorts are your top priority you will not be disappointed in the Caribbean. If it’s luxury that you seek, St. Lucia will not disappoint. Anguilla is also known for its exquisite private villas. It’s been said that it was in the Caribbean that all-inclusive resorts were born. All-inclusive means that accommodations, food, drink, some activities, airfare and transfers are included in one price that you pay ahead of time. The Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and Jamaica are all great choices for an all-inclusive package. With an all-inclusive package you can enjoy many of the best and most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean without stressing about your vacation budget.

Working with an experienced travel advisor like Precise Travel can really help you narrow down the wide array of choices you have when it comes to traveling in the Caribbean islands. At Precise Travel, we have over twenty-five years of experience in planning vacations in the Caribbean that are tailored to our clients needs and desires. This is because we take the time to learn exactly what our clients are looking for through our initial travel consultation. There’s discussion and dialogue throughout the entire planning process so that we can be sure to create the vacation of your dreams.

winnifred beach, jamaica

  If you’re thinking about traveling to the Caribbean, let us take the guesswork out of planning your escape for you. We can advise you on the best islands for your needs, the perfect time of year to travel, the best ways to maximize your vacation time, whether or not you need travel insurance, and many other details that you may have never thought of.