Custom/Escorted Tours

Escorted Tours

Escorted tours have a tour director who takes care of all services from the beginning to end of the tour and a driver. Escorted tours also normally include the flights, hotels, transportation.  transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and some sightseeing. Escorted tours are often conducted by motor coach and usually no more than three nights are spent in each location visited. They are usually fast-paced and prices include most everything.

Custom Tours

Precise Travel recommends the packaged tour for first time visitors to a destination.  The traveler can learn about the destination through a guide and understand the difficulty they may face by traveling in a foreign country. 

For experienced travelers, we also provide custom itineraries and travel where we work with the traveler to discover, purchase, and document a plan for each day of their trip.  Each itinerary is different because each traveler has different interests.

Today, these custom itineraries focus on Europe, Australia, and the far east.  Other destinations can also be included. 

Rail Europe Train

Rail Europe Train

Our Europe itineraries often include airline, train, car rental, resorts or hotels, and excursions.  Our connections can often result in you bypassing long lines at many scenic museums, etc.

In Australia, we can arrange campers or rental cars to visit the outback or see other highlights. The big cities are a must see, but Australia is twice the size of the United States and you have to leave the city and go to the countryside to enjoy the best of Australia.

The Far East is getting popular with ex-military and visitors as well.  We can help you plan a day-by-day schedule to see as musch as possible.


Who Takes an Escorted Tours

Travelers who want to learn about a destination in detail or travelers nervous about driving in a foreign country.  Today, there is more and more families taking escorted tours. Permanent Friendships are often made on an escorted tour.

Escorted Tour Stop

Escorted Tour Stop

Will I have Enough Time on my Own?

We help you choose one company vs. another.  Some tours are fast paced and fully packed with activities. Others are more laid back where you can explore each stop at your pace. 

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